Yoni Health Educator

Main objective of my programme is women's health with all the above and more. With 7 years of experience in handling clients with PCOD, Infertility, Diastatic Recti, Umbilical Hernia, Prenatal and postnatal and other concerns on women's health.

I work with OBG to guide me on cases more complex.

Brain Body

Mind and body alignment through Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra practice and some basic Buddhist principles of guided meditation.

Shakthi Yoni focuses on visiting the mind gym more as this has become a challenge in our stressful lifestyles. We have been facing the biggest challenges with our minds from a simple task of creating a goal and fulfilling it to maintaining relationships and most of our demons are depression, anxiety, anger and so on.

In this programme with my experience of working with clients with different mental health issues and my personal journey of mental health issues and in the quest of it, I have explored different tools. 

Food body

An Ayurvedic and Nutrition Program designed to guide you on how to self heal and to develop a healthier lifestyle practice. Understanding the science of food and guide to minimal living.

Your body is unique and how your body responds to foods is also unique. With my knowledge in yoga and Ayurveda I will be first identifying your challenges and what not working for you. Then ill be calibrating and creating a food routine and educating you about nutrition and the importance of eating right for your body and mind. 

Physical Body

Tailored Yoga and fitness sessions to understand movements and body alignments. Dynamic and energising postures will cultivate strength and flexibility. Online sessions to give you the flexibility and control to keep up your routine and benefit of having me monitor your movements.