Hi, I’m Neethi Poonacha founder of Shakthi Yoni and co-founder of T99fitness.

I’m on a mission to empower and create a vibrant living through the healing wisdom of Ayurveda,  and fitness. I am a passionate yogini, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda lifestyle coach and Yoni Health educator. I teach busy people simple and holistic ways to live vibrant, energetic and joyful lives.

If you desire a more balanced life, have lost your centre and are wondering what’s next, then you have arrived at the perfect place. I will guide you in discovering and creating a balanced life, support you to put an end to living between extremes, to

reconnect with yourself, your passion, open into your heart centre and live the life you dream of. Yoga is not boring it’s magical. 

Shakthi Yoni aims to explain the what, why and how’s of life with physical movement, meditation and NLP making the practice approachable to everyone, every level and of every walk of life. A solution-based program specially curated for women.


NLP Master Practioner and coach, 200 hrs Hatta Yoga Certified, RPYT Certified, Beginners study in Buddhism and currently perceiving Precision Nutrition Certification.